Web graphics

88x31 buttons: Really big collection of 88x31 buttons, close to 4000!

: Free backgrounds!

FreeBackgrounds.com: A bigger variety of free backgrounds! They even have some cartoon ones.

EZ-freebies: Freebies! Lots of them and of many kinds!! From coupons, fonts and graphics to hosting and entertainment.

Webstuff 4 free: More freebies but focused on the web kind.

Bonnibel's Graphic Collection: A really big and cool collection of all sorts of graphics from all over the internet. If you see a gif in this page, it most probably came from here!

Button maker: Page for making your own static 88x31 buttons! I made my navegation buttons here!

Jan's Graphics: Another collection of many graphics! They're divided between festivities, seasons, animals, etc.

Gif Cities: A library of gifs by the Internet Archive!

Rainbow text generator and more: The generator I use to get rainbow headers!

Blinkie Warehouse: Blinkies! Most of them are focused on relationships with texts like "I love my boyfriend, partner, wife, etc." and some zodiac ones.

Helen's Blinkies: More blinkies! These have phrases and links to more blinkie sites.

Userbars: A really big collection of user-made userbars of all kinds of things. I've seen some Evangelion, Among Us and Matrix ones here so that tells you about the variety you'll find.

Curlie.org: Human-edited directory for all kinds of websites. They have a folder dedicated to computer graphics, but everything they have is worth checking out!

7 rings free graphics: Free sets of very elegant, kinda fantasy-styled and jewelry-like graphics.

Blinkie Heaven: Even more blinkies and a BUNCH of links to other blinkie sites!

plasticdino's website: They got some cute anime buttons! THEY GOT MIKU BUTTONS AND MAKE GREAT ART TOO!!

4chan's wallpaper board: We all know 4chan is a cesspool but their wallpapers board is a pretty cool one! You can find all sorts of high-quality wallpapers for many topics and create your own thread requesting backgrounds similar to one you upload.


Script effects: Very cool javascript and dhtml scripted effects for you to copy and paste! You're seeing one of them in action on this page! (blobs or fireflies in a jar).

the WWW help page: Page with many links to resources about programming a webpage, styling it, graphics, sounds, guestbooks, counters and many more for it.

Barebones' HTML cheat sheet: List of all HTML widely supported tags that I always have open in another window while programming. Perfect for people like me that forget what the '< p >' is for but are to lazy to google it!

Chess Programming wiki: Wiki all about programming computers to play chess!

Gify Pet: A cute, custom pet for your own website that is easy to implement!

Learn-html.org: One of the many places to learn HTML and many other languages too! It's kinda incomplete but it's a neat project that deserves support. They also receive contributions for tutorials so if you're interested in that, do visit it!


motherfuckingwebsite: Interesting and funny read about functional web design.

Cyber Mauseoleums: Mini essay about how the internet will, eventually, have more content made by dead people than alive ones. A very interesting and short read that made me reflect about this and my own future as a web creator.

The State of Webrings: A brief explanation and directory of webrings.

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