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Remember me? Of course you

After a long time, I have finally come back with a superior redesign

I've been occupied with figuring life out, a website for a personal project and all around just life

Anyways have a look around! The place is broken as hell but maybe you'll enjoy it anyways


  • Entry-19(10-02-2024/17:30): Today a beautiful man was born. Happy birhday my dear ♡ Look around, click on things, maybe something will appear ♡
  • Entry-18(08-02-2024/20:17): I am so scared and sad. I haven't been able to get an appointment for therapy and I really need it. I feel like slowly losing myself and it feels like all the people around me don't want to help and it makes it worse. My paranoia is through the roof, I keep thinking about worst case scenarios. At least I'm still alive and safe. That's good.
  • Entry-17(06-02-2024/19:14): Putting PM when using the 24 hour system is so redundant wtf was wrong with me. Anyways flag counter is dead and I don't know how to fix it MY POOR BABYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  • Entry-16(06-Feb-2024/like at 3am): I got my drivers license but I have not touched a car ever since. I'm entering uni and my paranoia is through the roof BUT AT LEAST MY SITE LOOKS DOPE AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually only this page cus I still gotta fix the rest. Enjoy the mess while it lasts
  • Entry-15(25-Jan-23/16:15pm): IT'S REWORK TIMEEEEEEEEEEE
  • Entry-14(22-Jan-23/19:18pm): I tried. Don't understand a thing of frameworks but at least I tried. I'll update some pages.
  • Entry-13(22-Jan-23/17:49pm): I remembered. I'm gonna make new pages to test out working with css frameworks.
  • Entry-12(22-Jan-23/17:35pm): I'm gonna make Actually I forgot what I was gonna write
  • Entry-11(13-Jan-23/18:56pm): Cirno is winning on the poll because someone comes every day to vote her AND I KNOW THAT SOMEONE I KNOW YOU I KNOW WHO YOU ARE CIRNO FAN (of course I do, we literally are friends, he told me this)
  • Entry-10(13-Jan-23/18:46pm): zao shang hao zhong guo xian zai wo you BING CHILLING wo hen xi huan BING CHILLING dan shi su du yu ji qing jiu bi BING CHILLING
  • Entry-9(13-Jan-23/18:46pm): I apologize in behalf of entry 8 for laughing at entries 4, 5 and 6. Their feelings do matter and it's not an L moment.
  • Entry-8(13-Jan-23/18:42pm): Lmao the mf some entries below was fucking deppresed dude. L moment for that dude lmao.
  • Entry-7(12-Jan-23/15:19pm): I'm gonna go play minecraft. It's the best game.
  • Entry-6(12-Jan-23/15:18pm): And I don't want to start a pity party, I just want the world to know I'm not okay so hopefully they help me out, because I've been struggling for so long to the point that I don't know if I can do it alone anymore.
  • Entry-5(12-Jan-23/15:16pm): How can one be so young yet regret so much? How can you feel so bad and know why but don't know how to change it? How can someone so young feel so powerless?
  • Entry-4(12-Jan-23/15:12pm): It's funny how no matter how much you try to surround yourself by kind and loving people, there will always be a time of the day when you're alone again.
  • Entry-3(10-Jan-23/19:34pm): I love my boyfriendso much I'mma work on a shrine for him here, just you wait y'all.
  • Entry-2(10-Jan-23/16:17pm): BRI'ISH?? IN MY SITE???? OH BOI I HOPE THEY DON'T COLONIZE IT /j btw love y'all
  • Entry-1(10-Jan-23/2:40am): I know this place is cringe as fuck but it's MY cringe, self-made and all so fuck you.
  • Update 08-02-2024: Sort of a mini update!
    • Fixed some of the pages to fit the current design. These were about, blog, ocs, art and shrines.
    • Moved some buttons
    • I think I'll change the poll once all the pages are redone
  • Update 06-02-2024: The 6th but in the day, not at fucking 3am
    • Foot has been added! I got this cool smooth conveyor belt script from dynamic drive that I used on my other site so I went and put it here. I looks great and it's a fun way to separate content
    • I also did some minor tweeks to the css; Some little details that probably only bothered me and some big details you'll probably notice right away
    • Added a counter that's actually synchronized with the one on the neocities profile page! Courtesy of this tutorial by dannarchy! I am so thankful! YIPEEEEEEEEEE!
    • Flags are gone. I don't know why the thing doesn't work anymore but it just doesn't and I can't be bothered to fix it I GOT A WHOLE SITE TO FIX!
    • I'll attempt to fix some of the pages, starting with the about page. I'll put below if I actually did it
  • Update 06-Feb-2024: WHAT IS FUCKING UP!!!!!
    • I redesigned the home page as a way to lay the grounds of every other page
    • This is extemely different from what I had thought months ago, but it's because I learned many new tricks during that time
    • I'll attempt to do it all in a week but we'll see

  • Update 17-May-23: Hey! It's been a while!
    Many things have happened from an eye surgery to rethinking my future, fanfic making, music making, learning too.
    The rework is still going strong, so stay tuned!
    (Psss, you can find some spoilers of it at the misc. page!)

    If you go to the miscellaneous page you'll be able to see WIPs, so stay tuned! My goal is to make a cool page that fits in phone screens, starting with an index rework.

  • Update 14-Jan-23: NEW STUFF!!! ALL PAGES ARE DONE!!!!!!!:
    1. "Finished" the misc page! I say "finished" because it will always be under construction.
    2. Made a Takane Shijou shrine! Check it out but there's an image of her in bikini so be aware.

  • Update 10-Jan-23: New update! Here's the new stuff:
    1. Made the ocs page! It's still under construction and will probably be permanently under construction as I need to make images for every character and I got tons.
    2. Revamped the index to look like a cool and better welcome page.
    3. Revamped the right bar too! Mostly internal stuff to make it easier to edit like making a single div class for (almost) every element that adapts to the needs of said element.
    4. Changed the guestbook gif.
    5. The fun stuff page has been made!

  • Update 6-Jan-23: Did some small stuff:
    1. Made the right bar fixed because I felt like it.
    2. Added an index to the resources page.

  • Update 5-Jan-23: HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! Hope you guys had a great start of the year and achieve everything you want. Here's what I did:
    1. Fixed the right bar a little bit: Put everything in separate divs for better organization and put the updates inside a scroller div to avoid a long-ass bar.
    2. Made the resources page.
    3. Added more buttons cus' damn I love buttons.

  • Update 23-dec-22: Realized it would be good to keep an update thingy so here it is and what I changed (or at least the most important stuff):
    1. Added the guestbook, poll and finished formatting the right bar of the page. Still debating wether I want the same elements on it across all pages or different things on each one.
    2. Wrote the about page and finished it up for the time being.
    3. Made a template for all new pages that includes the left bar, header, footer and content box on it and went around the already made pages to make it the standard model in the site.

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